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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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radio. >> yes. >> if you don't live in, what, in missouri, i'm not licensed but we do have attorneys who are licensed in pennsylvania. >> you never heard that commercial. it is on sports talk radio. >> if you don't live in missouri. >> unless you live in missouri, i am not licensed. >> have you heard this, lauren >> no. >> it is correct. >> he is a divorce attorney that concentrating on issues for men. >> okay. >> he protects men. >> when you talk like that, to me at home, i would want a divorce. >> i'm only licensed in missouri. >> good day everybody, it is tuesday, june 7th, 2016.
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we're already off the rails. >> always. >> by the way, could you pull that over, that big machine. i know it will not be easy. >> anyway. >> it is heavy, isn't it. >> what live tv used to be like. >> here we go. >> thanks for all of the guys helping out. >> you mean you. >> yes. >> it is national vcr day. here's what i think, i believe if you are ten years of age or younger you have no idea what this machinist. so we went out to the streets of philadelphia to find out if that was true. >> you put it to the test. >> during blast music month we are celebrating with a special perform plus what does this month mean to artist as cross the country. >> ladies, your man is a big cry baby when he is sick. i have known it, i have seen it. there is some science that might prove that the man cold is a real thing.
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>> really. >> you guys aren't just faking it for attention trying to get somebody to cater to you. >> see there is science to it. >> we are not big babies we are more susceptible. >> you are big babies but is there science. you are a big baby. >> where are you going. >> take this shot out of the shot. >> because we have discuss things. >> like mother of the young boy there. >> look at how many mikes in that machine for do you see that. >> what is that movie called. >> infinity. >> what would the world be like with this many mikes this would be a perfect world, every man just like me. >> wouldn't that be something. >> it could be the end of the world. >> okay. lets get some opinions here. the get on twitter and facebook what do you think of this prosecutor's decision. the mom, by the way, how come the dad never was brought up. he was not at the zoo. >> they tried to bring up his past and some crimes that he has committed but it is like
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why, if he wasn't there it has nothing to do with the little boy falling in the even close another. >> he probably is like what are people talking about. the mother of the young boy. three years old who fell in the gorilla enclosure at cincinnati zoo. prosecutor yesterday afternoon decided, i'm not going to charge the mother, even though there has been an outcry for that, by some. >> that video frightening, we have seen that over and over again that gorilla harambe silver back pulled the three-year old through that water. zoo officials killed the gorilla because boy's life as in danger. prosecutors say they found no evidence that the mom intended to hurt her child or that she acted negligently in the moments that led up to the boy falling in the mote. >> she had three other kids with her and turn her back, and i have gotten dozens if not hundreds of e-mails about this case and if anyone doesn't believe a three-year old can scam per off very
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quickly they have never had kids because they can and they do. >> so do you agree with him. prosecutors say that guy, says that they repeatedly questioned several people who were at the zoo and watched this whole thing unfold. all of them consistently said the same thing the mother was being attentive to the four children in her care and moment that she turned her back the three-year old took off, and fell into the mote. >> something to control. >> yes. >> i don't think she should be charged because i'm sure she feels sick about it. >> i think enclosing, would i just watching two doors i lost one of them. she was underneath the clothes rack hiding from me. i'm looking all over the
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store. so i can, just see his point. now bob has 18 kids. >> six. >> six. >> how do you relate. >> i don't think she should be charged but then again she probably shouldn't have had four kid to the zoo. i have taken my kids to the zoo. you are still responsible for your children. thank god that the child wasn't killed. i think that there should be some sort of maybe community service, just to set an example or maybe -- >> you have never taken all of your kids at once to the zoo. >> it is a chore. that is what i would look at. she was a mom by herself were four young kids. that probably was a bad decision from the get go. >> do you go do you take someone else. >> certainly i would never take all four little will kids at the zoo at the same time. >> there is no way you would think the poor kid standing there that there is anyway to get in the mote. >> that would be the next thing. that is what should be look
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add. i have been to the philadelphia zoo. i know, i don't think there is anyway that you could get into that gorilla cage but obviously this little guy figured it out. i would look at the zoo and say okay how did the kid get in there should there have been precautions taken and the zoo hopefully took care of that right away. >> know that the zoo is reopening to take, gorilla exhibit and they have modified the enclosure. >> they are taller now. they have little wires you just captain get through. >> i'm sure tv station right now video taping that and we will have that footage at five, six and ten and tomorrow morning on our show to see what it looks like right now. >> to see the difference and compare it. >> i have never seen a camera crew re-creation his trip into the mote. on cnn, they did an animation but i wanted somebody to actually crawl through. >> well, that would be interesting to go see where she was standing and how the
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child hat got through where ever he did. whether he went through the gate, fence. here at philadelphia zoo i i don't even think you can get that close. the gorillas come up to the glass and you look down. >> we will get on it. >> do you want to go to the zoo later on. >> we have a great zoo. >> i love the zoo. >> a new study, revealing that parents may be contributing to teens driving habits. >> driving habits. >> their driving habits. >> the survey apparently i didn't read it carefully, survey by shows that 30 percent of parents tolerated cell phone use by their teenagers while on the road. that is ridiculous. that is just being dumb. large amount of parents also allowed teens to have under age people in the car, and drive at night. in pennsylvania, drivers under 18 are restricted from driving from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
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is that right. >> unless they are coming from work. >> triple a says that every year over a thousand people die in accidents, involving teenage drivers. so parents are letting them do that. have you ever been in a car with someone texting or tweeting. >> while they are driving. >> if you see other people doing it but not supposed to be doing that one. >> i have been if cars where the driver has been doing it. >> i'm guilty, i do sometimes at the a red light shoot a text before it turns green and it makes my dad, that crazy. >> it makes me crazy, too. people i know, they are driving and texting, and i'm in the car. so i now say something. >> i say something. >> to me it is always when people on the gps, i don't know where they are going. just yesterday i was in the car and driver, i was doing uber. driver didn't know where they were going. they were trying to decide to go right or left, just look up and pick one. >> gps is a distraction you are trying to figure out where
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you are. >> you have to put on voice feature. >> or ones you can hang and mount. >> yes. >> yes. >> you can see it. >> i rented a car. it was beautiful. but they had big screen over there. there is 8,000 things on the screen. >> i'm driving around. you buy apps and stuff. iheart serious, sirius radio. >> was that your first time driving in a while. >> a long distance. >> yes. >> i drove two or three hours. >> it was fun. >> i was driving fast. >> looking on the opened road. >> through the flint hills of kansas. >> were you in the cara loan. >> which is besty don't think he he could stan the people. >> i was playing music on my phone, speakers with the blue tooth. >> yes. >> for some reason i got on a very jazz. >> that is too slow. >> i can't get enough of your
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love, baby. >> that is what song i played maybe 20 times. >> my favorite is practice what you preach. >> that is real slow. >> yeah. >> too slow. >> i played a little maxwell. >> yes. >> i love maxwell. >> woman's work. >> i like bad habit. >> another good one, whenever, whatever. >> yes. >> it was good. >> little tiring. >> milkie could you play a little bit on the way out. hi milkie, hi. >> she looks irritated. >> and then she held her eyes at you. >> ladies, your man may not be milking, when it comes to a flu or a cold. you know, how we, get a bell and i ring. >> yes. >> the woman hate. women hate it. >> understandably. >> we act like we are dying and women seem to handle will colds better.
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>> doctors are saying it is call the man flu and they found men may actually have a weaker immune system then woman which causes us to be more affect by cold or flu then women then when you catch one. they say it is testosterone because it can impair your bodies ability to fight off virus. another reason mike jerrick part of the brain which triggers fevers during illnesses is bigger, in a man. >> well, sure, most parts of our brain are bigger, wouldn't you say. >> relax. >> you know what, i would say they might be bigger but you don't use them as much as we do. >> good one. >> i use over 10 percent of my brain. >> see guys, you can be sick, complain, and have people bring soup to you. >> yes, no bells, in bells. >> it is just too much. >> i'm sure it was received well. >> i think that men are just dramatic, more dramatic then women. we men are so dramatic.
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y'all way more dramatic. >> there is no question about it. >> how burr dad when he gets the flu, is he like wining. >> he want your mom. >> my mommies take care of my baby. >> yes. >> i love them. >> yes. >> they make it a whole thing, yes. >> if i get sick on purpose. >> true. >> philadelphia's own kevin harteries eventually talk with complex, a web site and magazine, right. >> um-hmm. >> about his new shoe deal. >> this is big because he will be first entertain tore put his name on shoes. >> right. >> so, he is competing with drake's new sneaker, and here's what kevin had to say about what he is calling a friendly rivalry. >> with drake. >> drake has his own sneaker, how do you feel about how your sneakers compared to something like a drake, kobe and jordan. >> there are a lot of things that he has done a great job but i'm just better. kevin hart, drake, so we are
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talking about my sneaker. my god those are the hustle h arts and we go for real. >> kevin h art went on to say that his shoe is tailored more toward people in the who they meant to fit instead of just looking good. fashion. >> because he is always, posted his instagram pictures. >> he is fit. >> working out, run with hart. >> yes. >> what now tour. >> every time he would go in the city, he has people meet up at 6:00 in the morning. >> he has abs, man. >> it is huge. he is a comedian. how many comedian do you know have tennis shoes. >> now kanye west that shoe is a you this dollars. >> it is worth that because you cannot get anywhere, it is sold out, people take it and have you buy more money to get it. >> how much are kevin's. >> i don't know if they will be that popular. >> they will be i'm sure.
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>> look what came back. >> the vcr. today, i don't know why they named today as national vcr day which makes no sense. >> you have to appreciate the past, mike. >> true. >> but celebrate the past. >> do you remember when you mailed these to a news director to try get a job. can you watch my tape jim driscoll. >> here's the thing. >> if you showed this to a kid, let's say, ten years and under would they know what it was. >> i went to the streets of philadelphia to find out. >> um-hmm. >> what is this thing called? >> a dvd player. >> not a dvd. >> a speaker. >> do you see this thing right here, what is that? >> what is it?
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>> a radio. >> it is not a radio. >> cd player. >> no. >> what is that thing. >> a copier. >> no. >> what is this thing? what is that called? what is that? >> an old music player. >> any idea where i can get one. >> no. >> what is that thing. >> a radio. >> it is not a refrigerator. >> a dvd player. >> it is not a dvd player. >> a dvr. >> not a dvr. >> what is that. >> a vcr player. >> vcr. >> have you ever heard of that. >> no. >> it is a vcr? you ever heard of that. >> no. >> what does vcr stand for. >> video cassette rewinder. >> videocassette rewinder, be
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kind, rewind. >> what does vcr stand for. >> i do not know. >> it is called a vcr what would that stand for. >> i have absolutely no clue. >> think about v, v. video. >> videotape. >> individual ohio c, c. >> cassette. >> yes. >> and the r would be what, r, r. re: record. >> recorder. >> yes. >> simple as that. >> video cassette recorder. >> that is it. >> yeah. >> favorite super hero. >> what do you watch batman and super man on, at home. >> netflix.
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>> net flicks. >> there you have it. >> wow. >> yes. >> how long dit take to you get vcr, you asked a lot of kids. >> it took about 20 minutes or something like that. >> what was i go to go say. >> so sorry. >> i'm so sorry. >> just a fun fact, on this date in 1975 the beta max was released and that didn't go over well. people didn't do the beta much. >> they went with the vcr. >> it is part of the growing up having to be the person to put the movie in, check and make sure someone rewinded it. it is in the middle of the movie. stop, rewine, hear that click and press play, only way to check where it is in the movie. >> so, the barometer was ten and under. if they were over ten they knew what it was. >> okay. >> none of them understood the concept of blockbuster, and pick out a tape. >> bring it back.
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>> here's the thing, one of the red box and stuff, in netflix, it is limited in what you want to see. great thing about blockbuster if you want to see an older movie, drive there, pick it up and get it. now you have to order it, wait a couple days. kind of miss blockbuster. >> can't you go to apple cd or amazon. >> i guess i could do that. >> it is not always available. >> really. >> thanks, thanks a lot. >> that was fun. >> a young boy has a lot to learn about shaving after he is brought to tears when he found out his dad shaved beard, never seen his dad without a beard, here we go. >> hi. >> yes. >> i'm sorry. >> you still love me. >> yeah. >> i want your beard. >> you want my beard back. >> listen, i'll tell you what, i will grow it back.
9:19 am
>> i will grow it for you. >> it will be back before you know it, okay. listen, next week i'll have my beard back and full beard again, okay. >> would that be okay. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> would that be okay. >> yeah. >> i will grow it back just for you. >> yeah. >> are you all right. >> yeah. >> we're not sad anymore. we will grow this beard right back. >> what a cute baby. >> adorable baby. >> at times during the video i thought it was cute, other times in the video i thought it was weird and creepy. >> you did. >> it was the voice. >> i'm always fascinated with kid and they are crying hard and then they are like okay,
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all right, i'm okay. >> yes. >> there are adults like that. >> by the way the guy's name is greg hogan he posted the video... all of the stuffy probably should have said, bring rolled the tape, i a pol guys. a mom panics after she find drugs in her daughter's room. she immediately grounds the child. why her daughter laughs, the whole thing off. here's maxwell. crank it up. >> ♪
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right milkie, right? yes. you just go milkie way bar. crying. >> he just said he cried. >> i actually was crying in the car. in the good when you are driving. >> you were listening to maxwell. it gets you worked up and emotional. >> i was emotional. >> a caring mother felt pretty foolish after finding pills in her teenage daughter's bedroom. she thought she was on drugs. incident plays out in a string of text messages, alex, take us through them. >> her daughter asked the mom to get a calculate or that the teen needed from her room. >> sure. >> as a quick search mom came across clear bag that was filled with colorful pills. >> um-hmm. >> the mom said you need to come home. you need to be ready to face punishment for stashing drugs. >> daughter laughed off her mother's threat telling her to put them in water. whether he she did she found out they were grow your own
9:25 am
dinosaur pills. >> wow, mom. >> just going in and getting that diary. >> boy, lot of people on twitter said they think it is okay to read diaries. >> did you have a diary as a child. >> actually, i did but i did not write in it faithfully. >> was there anything good in it. >> i don't think so. >> do you think your parents are the kind of parents that would have gotten it and read through it. >> no, but you we are pretty close. i tell them everything. >> even when you are why younger. >> even about making out and guys. >> i think i did, yeah. >> wow. >> wow. >> geese. >> she tells us nothing. she tells them everything. >> i get a little bit out of her now and then. >> he grows on me. >> some good stuff. >> i'll put it out on twit they are afternoon you just want people to look at your twitter page. >> when is that coming. >> 3:00 o'clock, i will spill everything about her.
9:26 am
what words are most popular in the facebook status of men verse women. this is good research. what do you think, well, new research found that women use warmer word and positive emotions and talk more about relationships, compared to men. what are men interested in. >> well, men, you guys just talk about things that are word that are related to politics, competition, hobbies, cars, video games. we're more inclined to use more pretty, amazing, thankful, learn. >> if i said that was my -- >> hopeful. >> i would be considered a sexist, wouldn't i? all warm stuff. >> all warm and fuzzy with women. >> men are cold. >> when you post picture of teddy and say stuff about that. >> i really don't mean it. i just want people to think i'm nice. >> that is number one question i get when i go somewhere, can
9:27 am
you tell me about mike jerrick is he same way off camera. i said all of this, all of this is the same on and off camera. >> the whole thing. >> i say he is worse. >> in real life. >> you don't have to be edited. >> that is right. >> you have to have a filter. >> one of my favorite people in the house. >> who. >> you know june is black music month we are celebrating the month with a special perform answer. my all time favorite. >> i loved him. >> so keon williams is here to talk about the next few weeks. we will have a performance. >> that could be fun. >> sing it, teddy.
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♪ >> ♪ >> because prince would have been 58 today, wearing purple. celebrating the fact june is national black music month. >> time whether we celebrate a sound so rich, think about it, from jazz, to rock, r&b to the blues, this hip hop, and full classic, ray gay, everything inbetween all kind of music out there. says some of the most powerful and innovative art the world has ever known, also marking observance, recently changed the name to african-american music appreciation month. welcome to the show. sure nice to have you here.
9:32 am
did we go all the way back to 1979? didn't president carter -- >> yes, president jimmy carter was the first american president to say june is black music month. >> okay. >> he hosted a reception on the south lawn of the white house, i was there, with the co-founder. >> what? >> my partner, my best friend, kenny gahm job sure. >> this was an idea that we came up with, to just celebrate american culture, black music is american music. here in this country. >> even if it happened in 1979 it, wasn't made official, so this year -- >> now sign a presidential proclamation. >> forget? >> -- sign it, i didn't sign down until i wrote president clinton asking him to host a similar reception there is were like oh, go get some legislation. >> do you remember the date in 79? >> june 6th. >> june nef. >> let's see if we can find that. >> either the sixth or the seventh. >> probably exists somewhere. >> somewhere possibly. >> i have photographs of it. >> well, right now. >> so president obama did the
9:33 am
proclamation that you needed this. >> well, wasn't president obama, no, i went to capitol hill, i lobbied congress, congressman chaka fattah the one introduced the bill called the african-american music bill it says june is black music month. so there has been official celebration going on, two -- >> what's the state of black music, say in philadelphia? is it good? is it strong? >> it is growing, philadelphia first of all being the first capitol of the united states, this is where the music originated. so we are a music mecca, and talents like newly elected to the grammy board, i'm president of the philadelphia recording academy, and he is -- >> yes, nice, my new board member. but there is a plethera of talent in the city. you know that. >> sure. >> yes, from family soul, jill scott, jazzy jeff, fresh prince, you know. >> and speaking, i mean, there will be an event at the, what?
9:34 am
>> african-american june 14th with ashley scott, we'll go to have helen scott from the 3 degrees, jean carne. >> oh, i love her. >> ken drayed the family soul, ice and barry also on my grammy tour. >> will they perform? >> no, panel discussion -- >> about soul music? >> blackhawks i can in philadelphia and our legacy. >> and also, that's going to be at the african-american -- >> african-american museum happening june 14th. >> week from tomorrow? >> amazing. >> around the corner for you guys. >> the evening? >> i want to talk with you, because, you know, from philly, being an artist here, what do you think about the status for new artists coming up when it comes to the music industry? >> i just love the opportunities coming to show the artist, you know, it is not just, you know, standing on a corner rapping, we had a chance to perform at city hall, i'm on fox today rapping. there is a lot of opportunities being given to independent artists right now. >> what do you say about some people say well as far as representation when it comes to african-americans, because of course there is long
9:35 am
history, long rich history, but comes to people picking the music, a.m. and r, people putting things together, lack of representation? >> well, look at the top of the billboard charts, who do you see? you see rihanna, kendrick lamar, can ya west, beyonce, our favorite. fabulous the other day. these are all black artists. and they're being called pop artists now but the reality is black music is american music and it is global in scope. >> some running their own shows, you know what i mean? in charge. >> major generating millions, african-american music industry, is a multi billion dollar business. it is american culture, but it is also commerce around the world, one of our great ex experts. >> think about it there is a country music month, yes, that's in october. >> yes. >> so, in other words, celebrating american culture. >> a month where we're celebrating achievements, out standing talent like moody and all of the countless other artists, existing, coming up philadelphia is a music mecca,
9:36 am
america is a music mecca we inform the rest of the worlds. >> you had a big announce. >> this week, didn't you? >> yes. >> the roots, the picnic in new york this year, october 1st, october 2nd, and i was actually the first artist announced to be on the bill. so -- >> yeah. that's wonderful, wonderful. >> me, d'angelo, john mayor, jazzy jeff, john mayor, amazing line up, guess love his his own -- and then of course the roots with their set. yes, looking forward to it. >> i think of de angela, i think of the music video he put out. >> yes, who can forget that? >> i tell you, i saw it recently. >> oh, ya. >> owes he's fine as ever. >> you're going to perform for us little later? >> yes looking forward to it. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> how fitting is it someone from philly such a big music town is a part of this and making it happen. >> i love philadelphia. i love our music, and thanks to you guys for upholding the culture.
9:37 am
i love good day philadelphia. >> we love you right back. >> quincy, quincy, love you, where are you? >> look at you. >> we'll see you next tuesday. >> absolutely. >> 9:37. >> after a failed impromptu show, kanye west may get a second chance in new york city, the mayor of new york wants him to throw a block party. oh, there is always a catch. we'll tell you what it is. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices.
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and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> good strong voice for such a sweet face. pretty cool song, kill him with kindness. >> sure, good advice. >> i love selena gomez, i they she really cute. >> just got some, well, mental issues, because she still likes bieber. >> oh, mike. >> you can't help who you love. >> really? >> that's what they say. >> true. i love you, and i love you. >> you can't help it? >> can't help it. >> been trying to get help. >> on medication for a few month. hey, the mayor of new york city, you missed this yesterday, kanye west tried to put on impromptu concert i think it was sunday night, then he had to cancel it because it was raining. >> i thought it was because there were so many people and it was a concern, weather, all of the people -- >> pack on the street in front of webster hall, you're right.
9:42 am
i blame it on weather. >> i'm sure weather played a part. >> anyway, so they canceled the concert. so the mayor stiped in, thousands of fans swarmed the street of new york, near the venue, webster hall, where the show was taking place, things got little rowdy, but fans did get their ticket money back, so, kanye, by the way, then minutes dollars at impromptu celebration in the street. what did he do? >> tweeted out to someone the mayor said did someone have kanye's number? great block parties are playing. charlene and can i throw you one to benefit new york city kids. >> oh, looks like it is going to happen. >> great way to do it, make sure it has good cause attached to it, that's wonder you. >> and make some money. now, listen to this, i have found yet another beer garden, and so i toll jen about it. >> yes? >> it is called sky garden. >> that means it is up me? >> high in the sky? >> fifty store it hi, the highest beer garden in the country.
9:43 am
right, jen? >> it is a beer, with a view. and check out this view. ben franklin bridge, you have got city hall, and of course the river, i'll tell you where i am, how you can be here in just a few minutes. to grow up.
9:44 am
but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> we went for a visit, arnett valley middle school, some great kids, some fun hanging with quince. >> i garnet valley middle school came to fox today? >> oh, that was -- no, hold one more time. garnet valley middle school came to fox today. (boo). >> garnet valley middle school ... >> is that how they're supposed to say it? >> i totally brick them. >> we had a lot of fun with them. q, really hung out with them. >> had lunch together, nice. >> had a good time. q knows what he is doingment and here is a picture, oh, that was the picture. >> that was at the board. >> are you ready now? >> yes. >> fifty-one, 1717 arch. >> that's high. >> that's high. >> and you probably get high -- no, that's horrible. german beer, pretzels, it is
9:47 am
basically a beer garden in the sky. it is called sky garden. >> i like that. >> you want to go there? >> let's go. >> you want to go there? >> jen, take us there. >> okay, 51 floors up, cheers to a beer with a view. >> brew with a view. >> brew with a view. okay, we're here at the sky garden, i know that some of it is still under construction, but wednesday night for sips you will be open? >> open tomorrow night for sips. and next week we will be open for everybody else, next wednesday, thursday, friday, to come up. >> if people don't know who you guys, are you're not just some guy that did a beer garden up here, we know you from your south street location. >> doug err, the owner of brah submits on south street. >> of course you have the good chow. what do we have here? >> really good stuff just mandatory for beer garden, house made brats wurst, spicy mustard. >> yum. >> i fried cheese curds. >> mozarella sticks,
9:48 am
delicious. homemade bo vare yan pretzels with beer cheese sauce. >> you have to get that carved. >> this is little weird, this is our kunpow chicken wings, hot, spicy, tank i, need lots of good refreshing beer to casino of cool them down little bit. >> so i have to be honest, when i heard about this, in a very sophisticated place, usually hear a beer garden, shown some other things in a park or something, was there any resistance when you are like we want this kind of food in this kind of luxury casino of place? >> luckily i'm work wag great team here. on top of the towers. and, you know, working on the popularity of the sky brunch they've been doing here on the ' floor, you know, there are other high up locations that like you say are very swanky, and high end, but, you know what? we're trying to go with something little more casual, little something approachable for everybody, you can come up here, enjoy the views, grab beer, grab a snack, not going to break your bank. >> so then when you open for real it will be monday,
9:49 am
wednesday, friday wednesdays, thursdays, friday's. >> oh, do you take the elevator? >> in you us just get on the elevator and come up? do you need a reservation? >> no, not taking reservations, come on up, join us, try to grab a table outside whether when you look out here what's your favorite part? >> calling this billy and ben's balcony between william penn literally rid there, you feel like you can reach out, shake his hands, to the amazing views of the ben franklin bridge. doesn't get much better than that. >> i love it, thank you for doing it, thank you for being smart enough to figure it out and thank you for being able to find someone to help make it happen. >> cheers, how do you say cheers in german? >> you know what my hockey drinking friends say? they say i'm fine. >> (speaking german). >> that too. how do we say good bye?
9:50 am
>> cheers. >> bye guys. >> what a spot, independence beer garden. >> i love it. beautiful. >> uptown. >> uptown. >> all kind of great stuff. >> the zoo. >> so many. >> franklin square. >> gentleman? >> speaking of the zoo, lots of businesses are getting into the beer garden business including our zoo. >> the watering hole, that's the name of it, it will be on the south side of the property, near the eagles roost lunch spot. eagles roost and tiger, just started selling beer and wine. beer six buck, wine, $8. >> here's my questions. so inside the zoo, pay to get a zoo ticket in order to go? >> see, you are asking questions i don't have answers to. >> that's a good question, because if you want to go to the watering hole, just want a beer? >> who wouldn't want to go to the zoo? >> just don't go a lot of beer and go over to the gorilla section. too soon. >> that's true. >> i apologize for that.
9:51 am
i forgot. >> all right, i apologize for, that if i still work here see you friday in jenkintown. seven to 10:00 a.m. jenkintown, we will be at a place called town square, that's right in the heart of jenkintown, so look for alex there because i won't be working here any more. >> don't put it out there. >> making a big deal about it, so. >> am i being escorted from the building? mazda cx9. >> if you want to go out you want to go out in a cx9. actually i'm not eligible, but you are. go to other locations where i won't be through july 22. >> okay. >> 9:51. >> cheryle are you ready? >> let's do this. >> performing. >> coming up next.
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>> here too perform, concrete jungle, philadelphia's own moody. >> let's go. >> what's up, philadelphia. >> i go by the name of chill moody. i need everybody here. >> ♪ >> right here, concrete jungle. >> ♪
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:57 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that was chill moody also with matt wild, you said?
9:58 am
>> perfect. >> marilyn and benjamin in here. >> perfect, thank you so much. celebrating black music month. [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: so nice. >> kwhwhooo, whooo! >> wendy: thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.


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